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Get in here Generation Xers and Millennials! One of your most memorable styles of all time: cavaricci pants are about to roll back and we are all here for it! High-waisted, baggy legs, sturdy denim materials, big pockets, buttons…more buttons, loops, who does own a pair of these pants? The guys rocked them down the high fashion streets and women were super hot, waist-clinging, with the rest going down to the thigh area to a tapered ankle. Cavaricci pants had a distinctly bold and edgy aesthetic, demonstrating rebellion to the tighter pants.

This fashion was a big “thang” in the 80’s and early 90’s. Although, the company has slacked over the years, it’s good they are making a comeback. 80’s and 90’s fashionistas can relive those moments and definitely what Gen Z will love.

Like many 90s fashion revivals, there has been a recent nostalgic resurgence and renewed demand for original vintage Cavaricci pants in recents. No wonder the company brought back this signature look, this time in limited edition. The aim is to see if the new generation will embrace it and 90s kids who are more than ready to recreate the iconic looks of their youth.

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How Cavaricci Pants All Began

The Cavaricci story starts in 1981 when Robert Cavaricci founded his brand in California. Initially, the aim is to focus on producing classic-style denim jeans. However, a chance encounter with a group of skateboarders in the mid-80s became a game-changer. The skaters, frustrated with the restrictive nature of traditional jeans, expressed a desire for pants that offered both comfort and style during their active pursuits. Cavaricci, recognizing an opportunity, introduced a revolutionary design – loose-fitting, baggy pants with a distinctive three-button closure on the waistband. A style that soon becomes a commonplace fashion.

Defining Features of Cavaricci Pants

A look at original pair of vintage Cavaricci pants or their modern counterparts shows there are several signature design details that defined their bold 90s aesthetic:

  • Relaxed Fit: The most recognizable aspect of Cavaricci pants is their generous fit. They are wider in the leg compared to traditional jeans, offering a comfortable and unrestricted range of motion. Definitely a welcome change from the tighter styles of those times.
  • Triple Button Closure: another feature that stands out is the three-button closure on the waistband, replacing the traditional zipper and button combination. This feature added a touch of unique style which makes the fit more relaxing.
  • Cargo Pockets: Many Cavaricci styles incorporate large cargo pockets on the thighs for more storage space of essentials.
  • Elastic Hems & Waistbands: The oversized legs and waistbands often featured integrated elastic or drawstring ties to achieve the right slouched, saggy aesthetic.
  • Colors & Washes: While available in various colors, classic Cavaricci shades included vintage indigo denim, khaki twill and bold monochrome tones like purple, teal or burgundy.

The 90s Boom:

It’s making waves in the fashion street again, thanks to celebrity figures. They have been spotted wearing updated interpretations of 90s baggy pants on red carpets and in music videos. Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Justin Bieber are among those who have sported the exaggerated wide-legged pants in recent years. Will Smith and MC Hammer were also often seen sporting Cavaricci pants. This further solidified its place.

Styling Cavaricci Pants Today

While Cavaricci pants are undeniably comfortable, styling requires some fashion sense. If you are looking to channel full-on 90s nostalgia, there are some tips for properly styling oversized Cavaricci pants:

  • Keep it Balanced: Pair your baggy Cavariccis with a more fitted top. A slim-fit t-shirt, a cropped sweater, or a tucked-in button-down shirt can help balance the proportions of your outfit and create a more visually appealing silhouette.
  • Embrace the Streetwear Vibe: Cavaricci pants inherently carry a streetwear aesthetic. Lean into this by pairing them with sneakers like classic white trainers or chunky platform shoes.
  • Accessorize Wisely: Accessories can elevate any look and Cavaricci look is not left out. Wear a statement belt to define your waistline, a bucket hat for a retro touch, or a crossbody bag for extras.
  • Material Matters: Denim is the classic Cavaricci material, but the brand now offers them in a variety of fabrics like chinos and corduroy. Experiment with different materials to create a range of looks.
  • Go Full 90s with Outfit: to recreate an authentic look, style them with nostalgic 90s grunge/hip-hop pieces like baggy graphic tees, jerseys or plaid shirts.

Beyond Fashion

Cavaricci pants are a celebration of comfort and functionality. The comeback reflects the ever-evolving nature of fashion and the enduring appeal of classic design.

A Look Ahead

Whether Cavaricci pants will continue their resurgence remains to be seen. However, their legacy is secure. So while undoubtedly a bold fashion statement, Cavaricci pants hold an influential place in streetwear history. And when it has fully made its way back, the world is waiting. The question is, will the new generation accept it?

Z Cavaricci Pants Making A Comeback? - The Urban Crews (2024)


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