Delicious Mexican Dishes to Please One and All! (31 Days of Unforgettable Recipes) - Stuff Parents Need (2024)

Special thanks to Mary for gathering up some AWESOME Mexican food recipes for us to enjoy! Be sure to check out her blog (info at the bottom of the post) for more terrific recipes and other fun musings!

I love Mexican food. No, really. I mean I super-duper, mild-or-spicy, everything’s-better-in-a-tortilla LOVE IT.

When I was pregnant with our first child, I ate so much Mexican food my husband was convinced our baby would be born looking for the chips and queso. (He wasn’t totally wrong, given the fact that we celebrated her first birthday by eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant – and treating her to tiny bits of chips and mild salsa!)

And while I have my favorites, I’m not really discriminating when it comes to Mexican restaurants. Fast food, national chains, authentic local restaurants and holes in the wall – I love them all.

But of course I can’t eat out every night, can I?

Luckily, between the internet and my imagination, I can make a new Mexican dish every night if I want to. (And you know I want to!) Today I’m honored to share a few of my favorite recipes for Mexican food with you. Thank you to Tiffany for the invitation!

Tortilla Chicken with Salsa Verde
Originally published at Giving Up on Perfect

4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
1 egg
1/2 cup tortilla chips, crushed
1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
1/2 cup salsa verde
1/4 cup pico de gallo
4 slices or 8 tbsp shredded white cheese

For cilantro sauce:
Bunch of cilantro
2 tbsp oil
Ripe avocado, chopped
1/4 cup salsa verde

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine panko and chips. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, then coat with egg. Dip chicken into panko mixture until well-coated. Fry the chicken in a couple tablespoons of oil over medium heat (just a couple minutes on each side, until browned). After chicken is fried, place in baking dish and bake for 15-25 minutes. Sprinkle cheese on chicken and bake for a few more minutes until it melts.

While chicken is baking, combine cilantro, oil, avocado and salsa. Mix with food processor (or, sadly, with electric beaters if you are currently without a food processor. I do not recommend this, as it may result in avocado being sprayed all over your kitchen. Beware.).

Pour a couple tablespoons of salsa verde onto each plate, and place chicken on top. Spoon cilantro sauce and pico de gallo over the top, and enjoy!

A few notes: The original recipe was for just two pieces of chicken, but I found that I had plenty of ingredients for four. Also, the original recipe suggests Mexican cheese or provolone; I used Monterey jack because it’s my favorite. Finally, I don’t love avocado and might forgo the cilantro sauce next time. But all the flavors mixed together really was delicious!

(Not that my family would know, since they both turned up their noses at the thought of green salsa, avocado anything or fresh pico de gallo. I loved it, though. And both my husband and daughter thought the crispy chicken with cheese on top was good!)

Here are a few more of my favorite Mexican recipes:

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  • White Chicken Enchiladas

Of course, I won’t stop there! (And you can find lots more at my blog, Giving Up on Perfect {hint, hint!}.) I can’t wait to try these new recipes for Mexican food that I found on Pinterest!

(Pssst! Do you pin? Let’s swap ideas, then! Follow me here.)

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What’s YOUR favorite Mexican dish or appetizer?

Mary Carver is a writer, blogger, church planter, wife and mom. A recovering perfectionist, Mary writes with honesty and humor about her imperfect life at Her posts about everything from dieting and housekeeping to parenting and faith encourage other women to give up on perfect and get on with life. She also writes for (in)courage and is the author of Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind}. You can connect with Mary on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Delicious Mexican Dishes to Please One and All! (31 Days of Unforgettable Recipes) - Stuff Parents Need (2024)


What is the best Mexican food ever? ›

Greatest All-Time Mexican Classic Dishes to Try
  • Chilaquiles. This should be on top of your list of authentic Mexican dishes you will order the next time you enter an authentic Mexican restaurant. ...
  • Pozole. Guess what the top Mexican dishes include? ...
  • Tamales. ...
  • Cochinita Pibil. ...
  • Mole Poblano. ...
  • Tacos. ...
  • Elote.

What is Mexico's national dish? ›

Mole poblano is perhaps the best known of all mole varieties. An ancient dish native to the state of Puebla, it has been called the national dish of Mexico, and ranked first as the most typical of Mexican dishes.

What is true Mexican food? ›

Authentic Mexican food dates back to the times of Mayan Indians and the Aztec Empire. Both cultures collided, combining foods like corn tortillas, beans, chili peppers, wild game, and fish. When Spain invaded Mexico in the 1500s, foods like pork, dairy, garlic, and other herbs and spices became popular.

What foods do Mexican families eat? ›

Food in Mexico
  • Enchiladas. This dish of Mexican cuisine is similar to tacos, but it differs by carrying a lot of cheese and being much spicier. ...
  • Fajitas. To make the authentic Mexican fajitas meat is prepared in tomato sauce, which is rolled in a corn or wheat tortilla. ...
  • Burritos. ...
  • Tacos. ...
  • Pozoles. ...
  • Empanadas. ...
  • Totopos. ...
  • Quesadillas.

What is the biggest meal in Mexican culture? ›

Make Breakfast the Biggest Meal

Lunchtime takes place sometime around 2:00 pm and it's usually a 4 course meal composed of a soup, rice or pasta, the main dish and dessert. Dinner would usually be a smaller meal or snack, in cases even a corn on the cob with mayonnaise and cheese would do.

What do Mexicans eat for lunch? ›

A staple of Mexican food is comida, which translates as either food or lunch. Mexicans typically eat their second meal of the day between 2 and 4 p.m. Though the meal is earlier, like dinner north of the border, comida is the largest meal of the day, with several courses, soup, meat, beans, and tortillas.

What are two unique foods in Mexico? ›

However, if you want to try something a little different on your trip to Mexico, these are 10 unique dishes to look out for.
  • Tlacoyos. ...
  • Chapulines. ...
  • Guacamayas. ...
  • Marquesitas. ...
  • Tortas ahogadas. ...
  • Machetes. ...
  • Menudo. ...
  • Tejuino.
Mar 30, 2018

What traditional foods are prepared and eaten in Mexico? ›

Corn is the main base of Mexican cuisine. Corn, chili, and beans were the “holy trinity” of food for Mesoamerican civilizations. In fact, corn is the source of great Mexican dishes such as 'enchiladas', 'huaraches', 'machetes', 'tlacoyos', 'sopes', 'molotes' and 'quesadillas'.

What are four popular Mexican dishes? ›

  • 1 Nachos81%
  • 2 Burritos80%
  • 3 Fajitas79%
  • 4 Salsa79%
  • 5 Quesadilla79%
  • 6 Guacamole68%
  • 7 Chili con Carne66%
  • 8 Chimichangas65%

What is Mexico's main meal of the day and what foods are usually served at this meal? ›

Comida is the main meal of the day; in English it translates to lunch or dinner, depending where you're from. Traditionally this meal is taken at around 2 p.m. and will include soup, a substantial main course, aguas frescas, a soda or beer, dessert and coffee.

What are the main food groups in Mexico? ›

Traditional Mexican foods cover each group of MyPlate – grains such as brown rice and corn, proteins such as chicken and beans, vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes, and fruits such as avocados and limes.


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