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5/9 Is "Goku Day"! We're Bringing You All the 2024 “Goku Day” Info!

Goku Day Is on 5/9! "But why that date?" you might be wondering. In Japanese, 5 can be read as "go", and 9 can be read as "ku". Put them together, 5 and 9, "go", and "ku", and you have 5/9, the day of "Goku"!
Plus, the previous day, 5/8, is "Gohan Day", and the next day, 5/10, is "Goten Day". So, the Goku family celebration goes on for three days!
We're gonna be introducing various campaigns and new product info, so please read on, and have some fun with "Goku Day"!

[5/9 - Goku Day] Goku's Best Bout Poll Is Here!

We're excited to announce "Goku's Best Bout Poll", a voting project to decide Goku's best fights from "Dragon Ball" to "Dragon Ball Super"!
Naturally, Goku's battles with Vegeta, Frieza and the like are included, but we've even added Goku's face-offs against the giant fish and Bulma's car from Tale 1!
Vote for the fight you think is best amongst a wide range of opponents!
Dialogue from the number one fight will be made into merchandise!
The results and details of this merchandise will be released on this site in the summer of 2024.
You can vote via the relevant articles on the Dragon Ball Official Site!

Read the article here!

[5/9 - Goku Day] Let's Discuss Goku's Battle Scenes with the hashtag, #BestGokuBout!

Let's all discuss the most memorable Goku battle scenes with the X hashtag, #BestGokuBout!

The more comments and reposts, the more Goku images we will be giving out!

There are 10 images in all! With each hashtag post goal met, we will be giving out a sticker-style image to everyone as a gift!
Please join in on the voting and hashtag sharing!

Event Period

5/9 (Thu) 10:09 - 5/15 (Thu) 23:59 (JST)


[5/9 - Goku Day] "Saiyan Father & Son Day Off Set" Present Campaign

We're giving away the outfits worn by Goku and Gohan during the time they spent resting up before the Cell Games!

Follow & repost for "Goku's Jacket"!
Follow & like for "Gohan's Chinese-style Outfit"!
*One of each gift will be given out to two people total.

How to Enter

1. Follow @DB_official_jp on X
2. Repost the eligible posts on X.

Campaign Period

2024/5/9(Thu) 13:00(JST) ~2024/5/15(Wed) 23:59 (JST)

Click here to apply


*This campaign is only planned to be held in Japan.

[5/9 Goku Day] "Saiyan Father & Son Day Off Set" Giveaway Is Underway!

"Goku's Jacket" and "Gohan's Chinese-style Outfit" are being given away for a special campaign!
Check out this article and enter for a chance to win your very own!

Read the article here!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle "Gohan, Goku, and Goten Day" Campaigns Are On Now!

The mobile game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is holding campaigns to celebrate Gohan (5/8), Goku (5/9), and Goten (5/10) Day!

1.Get Tons of Dragon Stones from the Special Login Bonus!

5/8, 5/9, and 5/10 are Gohan, Goku, and Goten Day!
You can get 13 Dragon Stones on the 8th, 14 on the 9th, and 15 Dragon Stones will be obtainable on the 10th for a total of 42! Be sure to log in and claim them!

Login Bonus Claim Period: 5/8, 5/9, 5/10 by 23:59 on each day (JST)(Scheduled)
*This period is subject to change without notice.

2. Get "Book of War: Son Family" for Yourself! Special Missions On Now!

You can get "Book of War: Son Family" from missions, as well as special stickers that can only be placed on Goku, Gohan and Goten!
"Book of War: Son Family" is an item that allows you to exchange for one of the eligible characters at Baba's Shop to join your team!
The exchange line-up has been updated this year as well, so please look forward to it!

Event Period: Until 5/30/2024 23:59 (JST)(Scheduled)
*This period is subject to change without notice.

3. Past Events Have Made a Reappearance!

"Full of Stamina! Saiyan Gluttons", an event which can be taken on once a day is back! Complete this event and you'll get "Aged Meat", an STA-Restoring Item.

Event Period: Until 5/31 2024 16:59 (JST) (Scheduled)
*This period is subject to change without notice.

4. Events to Obtain Ex Skill Orbs That Can Be Completed Multiple Times Are On!

Complete the event and you'll get "Goku's Family Category" EX Skill Orbs!
Plus, your Link Skill Level Up probability will increase slightly! Don't forget to take on the event every day!

Event Period: Until 5/31 2024 16:59 (JST) (Scheduled)
*This period is subject to change without notice.

5. A Worldwide Joint SNS Campaign Is Here!

This campaign is being held to celebrate Goku Day!
SNS platforms worldwide cooperate together to clear events and get rewards in this campaign!

For details, check out our official X account!

"GOKU EVERYDAY!" Is On Now in Dragon Ball Legends!

"GOKU EVERYDAY!", a Goku-only Summon Event, is on now in Dragon Ball Legends!

The Event is scheduled to be held from 5/9(Thu)6:00 - 5/21(Tue)6:00 (UTC) ! For details, check out X!

The official Dragon Ball Legends X account is here!

[Dragon Ball Legends] Official @DB_Legends

DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Fusion World Booster Pack -BLAZING AURA- Releases in Japan May 10th!

DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Fusion World is a super aggressive card game with "Leader Cards" that can be awakened to get yourself out of a pinch!
Just like during the many battles of Dragon Ball, matches get more intense and enjoyable as they go on!
Booster Pack #2 -BLAZING AURA- Releases in Japan May 10th! English Version On Sale Now!
Characters not featured in the first pack will be added one after the other!

New project announced! Interview with Producer Akai about "Dragon Ball Super Divers"

The newest Dragon Ball digital card game, with all-new rules, cards, and machines, was announced today, May 9th!
The name is "Dragon Ball Super Divers"!!

Check out the video of the latest digital card game following the "Dragon Ball Heroes" series here!!


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[5/9 Is "Goku Day"! We're Bringing You All the 2024 “Goku Day” Info!] | DRAGON BALL OFFICIAL SITE (2024)


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